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The Dream Team

Meet The Dream Team at The Smoke Shack, where luxury meets smoke. Our team of passionate individuals is dedicated to providing an unparalleled experience. With their expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, they will guide you on a journey of discovery. Join us and let The Dream Team make your dreams a reality.



Nael Saleh

Nael Saleh is the owner and founder of The Smoke Shack. As a young entrepreneur, he has successfully manages both The Smoke Shack and an Avis-Budget Car rental business in Holland. Nael started The Smoke Shack in 2021 right after graduating from high school. His passion for providing a unique and luxurious smoking experience is evident in every aspect of the business.


General Manager

Marin Bunner

Marin Bunner is the General Manager of The Smoke Shack. With years of experience in smoke shops, Marin brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team. Her fun and outgoing attitude make her a joy to work with. Marin is dedicated to ensuring that every customer has a memorable experience at The Smoke Shack.


Store Manager

Mia Walker

Mia Walker is the Store Manager at The Smoke Shack located at Woodland Mall. She is highly committed to learning the intricate details of the products offered at the store. Mia takes pride in building strong relationships with customers and goes above and beyond to provide exceptional service. Her passion for the industry shines through in her interactions with customers.

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